Audio Accessories

1) Cables

  • Pure litz wire cables

Cables with second-to-none properties for delivering pure, uncolored sound.

A pure copper litz wire delivers natural sound with full bandwidth. However, simply taking a thick copper litz wire with plus and minus wires running in parallel isn’t sufficient. For the litz wire to really work, the individual copper wires must be insulated one-by-one and then bundled. Unfortunately, applying a vinyl coating to the litz wire in order to improve its appearance compromises sound. When signal current flows through a conductor, a potential difference is created in the surrounding electromagnetic field and the insulator becomes electrified. Electrification again creates an electromagnetic field that distorts the next signal. Therefore, using electrically-conductive lead and cord with as little insulation as possible creates the best sound. Moreover, the conductor through which the electric signal flows should have a low inductance -- the send and return wire structures should be the same. By meeting all these requirements, Audio Tekne cables deliver unparalleled natural sound, free of coloration.

  • MC cartridge dedicated pure litz wire cables

ARA-500-1.0M 1.0m
ARA-500-1.5M 1.5m

  • Pure litz balanced signal cables

ARC-500-0.7M 0.7m
ARC-500-1.0M 1.0m
ARC-500-1.2M 1.2m
ARC-500-1.5M 1.5m
ARC-500-2.0M 2.0m

  • 3P Canon cables

ARC-500-1.0M C 1.0m
ARC-500-1.5M C 1.5m

  • Pure Litz Wire Balanced Speaker Cable


2) Carbon Accessories

Material with second-to-none vibration-absorbing properties

In 1978, Audio Tekne became the first audio company in the world to produce audio equipment that implemented carbon.

Carbon block is obtained after months of high-pressure and high-temperature calcination processing of petroleum coke and soot. As a material deriving from petroleum coke, carbon block has high density and is very tough. Thus, it is employed, for instance, in the production of motor brushes for Shinkansen bullet trains. Audio Tekne accessories implement high-purity carbon block that is roughed, cut and polished.

Carbon micro-particles are of globular shape and have a sponge-like structure optimal for diffusing and absorbing vibrational waves. As vibrations are diffused, the reverberated sound is free of distortion and the signal is unaffected. It is ideal for audio equipment.

Carbon products improve with use.

Carbon absorbs mechanical vibrations better than any other material. It has no equal in this capacity. It is an epoch-making material in terms of eliminating auditory distortion.

  • Carbon isolation / de-coupling absorber dimensions

100 x 100 x 100 mm
100 x 100 x 50 mm
100 x 150 x 20 mm
100 x 100 x 20 mm
100 x 50 x 20 mm
50 x 50 x 50 mm
50 x 50 x 20 mm

  • Carbon plate dimensions

500 x 400 x 35 mm
450 x 350 x 35 mm
Other sizes are available upon request.

  • CH-1.2 Carbon CD Stabilizer

If you are not satisfied with CD sound quality, this product is made for you. This unique stabilizer reduces distortion, and CD sound approaches the world of analogue recording.

Some CD deck models are not suitable for use with a record stabilizer. To confirm whether your CD deck is compatible, please contact your dealer.

  • CH-7 7t Carbon Headshell

The ultimate headshell that fully absorbs vibrations from the cartridge’s stylus tip and faithfully reproduces record sound. With all excess sounds eliminated, all you hear is pure music.

Tonearms with generous clearance cause rattling and distortion in the midrange that cannot be eliminated.

Weight: 16 g

  • CH-10 Carbon Turntable Mat

Due to carbon’s properties, the mat has an unprecedented capability of absorbing vibrations between disk surface and turntable. The turntable rotates smoothly without returning any irregular vibrations to the disk. Sound recorded on the disk is reproduced in full bandwidth, in an ideally natural manner in terms of sound transparency, source localization and definition. Audio Tekne’s carbon turntable mat generates less energy loss than ordinary turntable mats, reproducing sound free of vagueness, distortion and dullness, giving the listener 20% to 30% higher auditory power and a feeling of larger scale. Placing a pig or chamois leather sheet between the record and turntable platter produces even better results, by eliminating any resonance caused by an air gap between them.

Weight: 1.0 kg
Dimensions: 297 mm

  • LTP-11 Carbon Disc Clamp

While record players with an ordinary disc clamp produce high-pitched sounds that are congested or penetrating, record players with a carbon disc clamp are free of excess vibrations and present an entire range of sound, from low- to high-pitched, with uncommon beauty. Enjoy improved, natural sound that is refreshing, creamy and smooth, with a distinct, clean and long reverberation.

Heavier disc clamps make a singer’s voice sound muffled and stuffy, as if it were coming from a tight, constricted throat. It is also a common misunderstanding that they produce better sound by improving the lower pitches.

Weight: 255 g