Line Transformers

LT-8310 & LT-4818 CD Line Transformers

Connecting this line transformer with your equipment results in reduced distortion, improved bandwidth, and nice, clean reverberation. A decrease in distortion is most noticeable in the high range, and without it, sound can seem to have less impact, causing you to wonder if treble is missing.

Though initially this may be confusing, the longer you listen, the more obvious the natural, strikingly pristine nature of the sound becomes. To confirm it, try disconnecting your equipment from the line transformer. It may come as a shock how noisy the resulting sound becomes.

If you are looking for the ultimate in sound quality improvement, choose the LT-4818, which has a bigger core than LT-8310, and LOW (-12 dB) and HIGH (-6 dB) outputs. Paired with an amplifier with high S/N ratio characteristics and LOW output, sound improvement is even more impressive.

USA 1 inch supermalloy core
Impedance: 15k ohm : 3.75k ohm (2:1)
Frequency characteristics: 10 Hz – 50 kHz ± 1dB
Weight: 750 g
Dimensions: W 10.0 x D 5.0 x H 8.0 cm

Large supermalloy core
Impedance: 15k ohm : 3.75k ohm (2:1), 940 ohm (4:1)
Frequency characteristics: 10 Hz – 50k Hz ± 1dB
Weight: 1.9 kg
Dimensions: W 13.0 x D 7.0 x H 11.5 cm

Additionally, Audio Tekne offers LT-9701 and LT-9501, special-order large-core line transformers with lossless winding transformer type ATT and 5-line input selector. The line transformers can also be used instead of a preamplifier.