MC-6310 MC Cartridge

The ultimate cartridge that does not pass any vibrations on to the stylus.

Finding it strange that different cartridge brands produce different sound, Audio Tekne’s creator decided to investigate the phenomenon. He determined that, contrary to common belief, not only did body and cover pass vibrations onto all turntable parts, but stylus vibrations were also a factor. The MC-6310 cartridge completely eliminates stylus sound and excess vibrations, faithfully tracking record grooves and reproducing a pure music signal. LP record sound is delivered with unsurpassed fidelity. If you believe that searching for the right sound begins at your system’s input, MC-6310 is the only MC cartridge you should consider.

To unleash its true potential, we recommend using it with Audio Tekne CH-7 carbon headshell. Together, they eliminate all vibrations. At first listening, you might think that something is missing, when in fact the sound is just surprisingly pure, smooth and natural.

Additionally, a tonearm with minimal clearance is advised, in order to prevent bearing rattle, as rattling causes distortion in mid- and high-range sound.

Power generation system: moving coil type
Output voltage: 0.1 mV (5cm/sec 1kHz)
Tracking force: 1.5 – 2.0 g
Impedance: 2 ohm