Natural Sound 1
This field coil speaker is a two way high efficiency design, built for low wattage power tube amplifiers which will hugely benefit from this speaker's high efficientcy, relatively high and benign impedance characteristic and incredible micro dynamic capabilities- among other things.

The virtues of field coil speakers are well known but due to the much more sophisticated driver construction and exorbitant production costs, are rarely used in, even the highest priced high end audio segments. Contrary to the majority of modern speakers which use permanent magnets, field coil equipped drivers use two voice coils, the voice coil and a field coil. Field coil-based drivers exhibit drastically reduced distortion levels and are able to control the driver much more accurately which results in a very vibrant, harmonically rich, extremely detailed and natural sonic presentation. The sound on the whole is exceptionally transparent and resolute but also smooth, grain-less and very captivating.

What Natural Sound has done with this speaker model in terms of sonic presentation will perhaps come as a shock to the majority of listeners; details you never knew existed in your precious music collections will suddenly appear with extreme ease, self evidently and very believable- without any sharp edges and glare. The refined and subtle sonic presentation will provide years of excitement and profound emotional connection to the musical messages hidden in your record grooves.

A 7 Watt tube amplifer will easily drive the Natural Sound 1 to elevated sound pressure levels and provide an impression of a much more powerful amplifier.

Main Characteristics:

-96dB sensitivity (conservative rating)

-a two way bass-reflex design

-1' field coil tweeter with a 45mm voice coil (weight 10kg) attached to an elliptic horn

_15" field coil woofer (weight 25kg)

-first order electrical crossover slopes

-frequency response 25 to 25,000 Hz

-very linear impedance characteristic, mostly 10 Ohms across the majority of its working range

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