Audio Tekne

Considerations Before Purchase

(1) Audio Tekne vacuum tube amplifiers are equipped with an all-stage transformer coupling, fixed bias and A1PP circuit, to take full advantage of their tube capability. What makes them special is that all Audio Tekne amplifiers (except for IT-2 and TP-8301MK3) are equipped with a supermalloy transformer core, characterized by exceptional sound reproduction properties. 

(2) It is recommended that a pre-amplifier be used with an amplifier. Generally, the better the device used at the exit, the more the preceding devices’s flaws are exposed. Therefore, using a quality pre-amplifier will engage the full potential of the main amplifier.

(3) Commonplace speaker systems have their own “character”, often colored by horn resonance and decomposed vibrations. Audio Tekne implements all possible countermeasures to eliminate resonance and decomposed vibration. The result is pure music. A few minutes of test listening reveal natural sound that is faithful to the original. It should be noted that even the best speaker system will reflect the “character” of preceding devices in the audio chain. 

(4) Unlike other companies’ products, Audio Tekne accessories will not change sound with time and excessive use. On the contrary, the more you use them, the better the sound becomes. If you are looking for a shortcut to the correct sound, try using Audio Tekne carbon, cable, and transformer accessories. They offer the best value for money and unrivalled natural sound.

(5) Listen to different components. Brand and price very often have nothing to do with sound quality.

(6) When audio devices are described as having “character,” or when a brand is described as having its own sound, what is actually happening is electrically and mechanically produced excess vibrations are altering sound. 

(7) Connecting a device that has a strong “character” to a flawless one, will most likely produce a poor result.